The Profit Making Power of Simplicity


I oThe-Profit-Making-Power-of-Simplicitynce read an article that stated that there were two approaches to any problem the indirect 

approach and the direct approach. The article went on to state that most people tend to take the indirect approach, while truly successful people take the direct approach.

I have a friend, whose business requires that he make prospecting calls.

Rather than just getting a list of prospects and getting on the phone. He spends his time looking for ways to automate the process.

He is also afraid of what his prospects will say, so he sends emails before he makes his calls. In fact, he sends so many emails, that he never gets around to making calls.

He does just about everything he can to avoid picking up the phone. Then he spends his time complaining that there are no prospects for his business.

I have another friend, who grabs a list, any list, and just picks up the phone and contacts people. Guess what, he is at the top of the charts in his company.

Which approach do you take? If it’s the first, I promise you if you master the basics of your business and keep it simple, you’ll soon see your profits soar.

In the next time management article, Have a Big Picture Focus – Ignore the Small Stuff, you’ll learn how to eliminate unnecessary distractions and achieve bigger goals.

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